Your Outdoor Cooking Checklist

Everything you need for the perfect backyard party this summer.

A backyard party is a more casual version of a dinner party, yet they can still be
just as much work. Use this checklist to help you get party ready!

The Grill

Make sure it is cleaned and ready-to-go. Stock-up on charcoal and/or fuel.


Gather reusable plastic or paper plates, silverware and napkins. Place them in this Wicker Utensil Caddy for the food table.

Lightweight Serving Platters

Most of us do not have full outdoor kitchens so grab a few serving trays to transport food and drinks to and from the kitchen. 

Clean up

Don’t make your guests hunt for the trash. Put a trash basket near the grill or serving table and a recycling basket near the drinks. You might even mark them with a cute sign as to what each bin is for, if you are trying to keep the trash separated.

Cooler and/or Ice Bucket

Stock up on cold party drinks for kids and adults, and place several coolers and ice buckets around the backyard for easy self-serving. 

Party Décor

Shop for party décor –  umbrellas, string lights or lanterns, table centerpieces and more – in advance, and store in these Jumbo Wicker Baskets until the big day arrives. 

Random Necessities
Every outdoor party requires sunscreen, bug repellent and containers / aluminum foil for passing out leftovers. Corral these items for easy grabbing in both small storage baskets and larger storage baskets.

Menu Planning

Plan your menu with a mixture of hot and cold items, and make your grocery list. Don’t forget serving ware for hot items like casseroles, grilled vegetables and more. 


Set the atmosphere with wireless outdoor speakers, and create your fun party playlist.

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