Best Ways to Use Shelving Baskets

There’s nothing quite like tackling a project that will beautify, organize, and simplify your home or office space! If you’ve been dreaming of whipping your space into shape but don’t know where to start, we’re full of great tips and ideas to get you started. We’ll walk you through our best tips for organizing and utilizing shelving storage baskets, areas we recommend starting with, and our top picks for high-quality shelving baskets that make life easier.

Where Do I Start My Reorganization Project?

If you've taken a look around your space and can't decide which area to take on first, you’re not alone. We recommend prioritizing your rooms by those you and your family utilized most. Think of where you or the family spends the majority of your time. What are the trouble spots in these areas, and how will an organization project benefit everyone?

We find that most people place the kitchen or home office at the top of their lists. Our favorite place to start is with the kitchen pantry, as it gets the most traffic from the entire family regularly. By utilizing shelving storage baskets in strategic areas of the kitchen and the open shelving in your pantry, your food and kitchen items become organized, more accessible, and aesthetically pleasing because of functional shelving baskets. Likewise, adopting shelving storage baskets in your home office space limits clutter, keeps you organized, and helps create a space you feel at ease in.

Shelving Baskets for a Functional Pantry

Between school snacks, lunches for the office, and rows of canned goods for meals, your pantry can become a jungle. When you reassess your pantry’s layout and implement shelving baskets, you turn chaos into an organizational heaven. You'll also be pleasantly surprised by the amount of extra space you'll find by bringing durable, decorative shelving baskets into the pantry space.

Begin by sectioning off areas in your pantry. The open shelving allows you to be creative with your placement, adding a splash of eye candy as you organize each row. Are you worried your pantry is too small to make an effort? Even the smallest pantries will benefit from having a system of shelving baskets put in place. Our top tips for creating a long-term system with shelving baskets include:

Grouping Like Items in Shelving Baskets

Group like items together as much as possible, including your canned goods and boxed pasta. When everything has a designated home within your pantry, you're less likely to stray from your organized system. Smaller items benefit from being placed in shelving storage baskets for easy access while maintaining order. One of our favorite shelving storage basket options is the Long Narrow Pole Handle Wicker Basket. It's perfect for small snack packs or pasta sauces yet durable enough to support the weight of smaller canned good items. The sturdy pole handles make it convenient to slide your shelving basket out, while its open-top design makes locating your needs a breeze! The choice of two beautifully stained rattan color options is a fun way to turn your drab pantry into a welcoming space to enter.

Group Your Pantry Items by Category with Shelving Baskets

If grouping like items isn’t your style, rearrange your shelves by category. Utilize shelving storage baskets to group some of your main pantry go-to’s, including:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Snacks
  • Baking goods
  • Plastic utensils, sandwich bags, and napkins

Choose a tall open shelving basket for your cereal boxes and paper towel needs. The stunning Ombak Weave wicker basket offers plenty of space for spices and baking ingredients. The four open handle windows allow the perfect fit for narrow or broader open shelving to suit your needs. Slide the basket out and carry all your ingredients into the kitchen for easy access. You'll eliminate messes and have everything you need at your fingertips.

Shelving Storage Baskets for a Functional Home Office

Many of us find ourselves working from home now. Whether you have a dedicated home office or have created a space in the house that doubles as one, you can always benefit from organizational wicker baskets. You’ll find work a lot easier to manage when you have a system in place for organizing:

  • Files and folders
  • Office supplies
  • Chargers and cords
  • Mail

Smaller quarters, in particular, can cause you unnecessary stress when you feel cluttered and disorganized. With the use of beautifully designed shelving storage baskets, you’ll find a spot for everything you need. We recommend starting with:

Decluttering the Office with Shelving Storage Baskets

If you’re tired of tossed folders on the floor and loose papers scattered across your desk, make your workday more bearable with a Square Deep Wicker Storage Basket. You'll clear space and stay organized using the two convenient sized baskets in the closet or bookshelf as shelving storage baskets. The hand-woven design adds to the décor, while the durable handles make transporting your office necessities easy.

Hide Supplies in Plain Site

There’s no need to stare at office supplies and charging cords all day when they aren’t in use. Instead, tuck them away discreetly in one of our Petit Pole Handle Wicker Storage Basket or Wicker Organizer Basket. While both work great as a desktop organizer, you'll enjoy the extra space if you tuck them away as a shelving storage basket. Your supplies and necessities are perfectly disguised in plain sight while you benefit from more surface area to power through your day.

Benefits of Rattan Shelving Storage Baskets

Not only are rattan wicker shelving baskets ideal for organization and adding functional décor to your space, but they also offer incredible eco-friendly benefits. Choosing rattan shelving baskets includes:

Using Sustainable Materials

Rattan is a natural, renewable material, requiring little water with a rapid growth cycle. This pesticide-free material will degrade after years of use, reducing the waste in our landfills.

Provides a Reusable, Environmentally Sound Option

You’ll do your share preserving resources by decorating and organizing with rattan baskets. The longevity and durability far surpass plastic bin alternatives. 

Provides Jobs to Village Artisans and Their Families

Our rattan is harvested by Indonesian locals, while our baskets are expertly hand-woven by village Artisans. Choosing rattan storage options helps provide families the opportunity to continue the fantastic crafting skill over generations while providing work to support their families.

With these tips and tools for utilizing shelving baskets to their fullest potential, you're ready to tackle your next project in style!

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