Perfect Serving Baskets for a Summer Picnic

Summer is just around the corner and planning the perfect picnic has never sounded so good! It has been a long year and getting out to enjoy the sun and scenery with the family or a significant other is just what you need! We have the perfect picnic basket options to meet your needs and help set the mood. We’ll also help you present your picnic or potluck feast in style with serving baskets to get you ready for your summer of outings.

Selecting Your Summer Picnic Basket

Picking out the perfect picnic basket may be one of the best parts of planning your summer outings. There’s something special about selecting the basket that will help provide hours of entertainment and lasting memories for you and your loved ones. While you’ll find an array of decorative styles and functional picnic basket options, make sure to choose one that will fit all picnicking your needs.

You’ll find picnic baskets specifically designed to secure your liquids and breakables, suitable for romantic meals on a blanket with a bottle of wine. We love the stylish look of an open gathering basket because it allows you to fill it up with your edibles and a blanket with ease. With plenty of space, easy access, and a beautifully woven design, your wicker picnic basket will be the envy of the park.  

Picnic Serving Baskets

Continue your wicker basket aesthetic with serving baskets designed for both appeal and functionality. Serving baskets come in many convenient shapes and sizes and are particularly useful for potluck picnics. Many are made to provide support for your heavier dishes while keeping your hands protected from hot bakeware.

Round Wicker Serving Baskets

There’s no need to make your plastic baggies part of your presentation when you can offer your fresh-baked bread rolls in a cotton-lined serving basket. The set of three nested baskets are also ideal for fruit, veggies, or crackers. The possibilities are endless! Not to mention, cleanup will be quick and easy as you stack and go to save time and space.

A Multi-Purpose Serving Basket

Consider adding a casserole serving basket to your picnic collection. The three-quart and four-quart options make these serving baskets ideal for oven to tray needs. If you’re whipping up a tasty casserole or any hot dish for your outing, the casserole serving tray is a must. The hand-crafted rattan pole handles make transporting your piping hot dish simple and safe. They also come in handy for meats and cheeses and side dishes. Whether you’re planning an intimate family picnic or a large outdoor celebration,  the durable, reinforced base of our  wicker casserole serving tray will withstand the weight of any dish you serve. 

Wicker Utensil Caddy Basket

Let’s not forget to transport your silverware and napkins in style! Complete the picnic basket aesthetic with an organizer made to fit your needs. With expertly woven beauty over a sturdy wooden frame, this lovely caddy will carry your more refined silverware pieces so you can pack more than just the plastic utensils if you wish. 

Find the perfect wicker baskets to make your summer picnic outings memorable!

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