Three Unique Uses for Wicker Baskets in Your Home

There are many unique ways to put gorgeous wicker baskets to use around your home. From using them as waste baskets to disguised wicker basket storage units, each can have more than one purpose.

If you’re searching for unique ideas to utilize wicker baskets in your home, we’ll help you find ways to put those stunning sustainable baskets to use. Get ready to repurpose those gift baskets and finally discover where you can utilize the latest wicker basket storage units you keep drooling over.

We’re sharing our favorite tips on how to organize and beautify your space with ease that you haven’t yet considered. Take a look at our top four unique ways to use wicker baskets effectively while coordinating with the décor throughout your home:

  1. Waste Baskets
  2. Recycling Baskets
  3. Sports Utility Baskets
  4. Blanket Storage Baskets

1. Wicker Baskets as Waste Baskets

Gone are the days of grimy, plastic trash cans scattered around the house. We’re all tired of trying to hide them, so why fight it any longer? Wicker baskets of all sizes make the perfect solution for your waste basket needs.

From the tiniest space to cramped corners, repurposing a wicker basket or purchasing one gives trash a much-needed makeover. Imagine being able to utilize a wasted corner spot with a beautiful hand-woven rattan waste basket. 

No one will suspect the lidded beauty that compliments your home décor is your waste basket. With a variety of beautiful shades to choose from, you’re sure to find a wicker basket that pairs nicely with your current home décor.

2. Wicker Baskets as Recycling Baskets

Who says recycling bins need to be an eyesore in your kitchen? Wicker baskets make fantastic recycling receptacles. If you’ve been holding onto gift baskets, it’s time to pull them out of that closet and put them to good use!

Have the family join in on adopting a recycling system. If you need recycling baskets, you can find excellent wicker basket options that can be stored in plain sight! Expertly woven designs add charm and appeal to your home, brining functional décor to your life. With lidded drop-in cutouts for easy recycling separation, there won’t be room for excuses.

3. Wicker Baskets as Sports Utility Baskets

Utilizing wicker basket storage options as sports utility baskets is a unique way to keep your gear organized, protected, clean, and easily accessible.

Whether you use your baskets to store gear for outdoor play or extracurriculars, it’s a great way to stay on top of your items. Just think – no more running around the house searching for the baseball bat before practice or wondering where you left the pool noodles last summer.

Designate an area for a decorative wicker basket storage unit that can house your sporting accessories and perhaps a few umbrellas for the gameday drizzle.

If you have a mudroom or large enough laundry room, consider adding additional wicker basket storage options. The high-quality, durable rattan creates a lasting storage option for your heaviest items. 

Additional baskets can be designated for smaller sporting items, such as:

  • Practice Shoes
  • Knee Pads
  • Balls
  • Helmets
  • Bags

If you have space, storage trunks make excellent options for sporting odds and ends. You can keep them in plain sight, and your guests will never know you're storing seasonal sporting gear inside the decorative footlocker.

4. Blanket Storage Baskets

No matter what season it is, you can never have too many cozy blankets around the house. The best part is wicker basket storage options make it easy to keep them hidden when not in use.

Whether you prefer an open intricate Ombark weaving  or a lidded beauty for concealed use, there are plenty of styles that will suite your storage needs. Choose from basket selections that will complement the style in every space. 

Now that your creative juices are flowing, it’s time to get started organizing your space with wicker baskets!

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