Organizing the Right Way: Rattan vs. Plastic

Organizing your home, office, or classroom can be a daunting task. Fortunately, it can also be a chance to organize and spruce up your space with a bit of functional beauty. But how do you organize wisely? While budget, durability, and longevity are all necessary factors in the equation, it’s best to do a little research and weigh the pros and cons of your average plastic bins versus wicker baskets. Let’s take a look at rattan, and what makes it the superior choice when choosing wicker baskets to organize your space.

What is Rattan?

Around six hundred species of flexible climbing palms make up what we know as rattan. The slender yet incredibly durable stems of rattan provide structural support, making it the perfect choice for wicker baskets and furniture pieces. Its flexible stems and lack of splinting also make rattan ideal for handweaving wicker baskets and art pieces.

It’s a natural, sustainable material which helps to preserve other trees within the forest, as it is easier to transport, harvest, and grow. As we continue to become more conscious of the harm plastic inflicts on our environment, the sustainability of rattan continues to bring eco-friendly options, jobs, and a cleaner method of production.

Rattan vs. Plastic

Let’s be honest – some of us find it quite a chore to organize the many spaces in our lives. Doing so usually takes hours at a time and is not a task we wish to repeat often—all the more reason to utilize an option that will provide durability and longevity for years to come. Rattan wicker baskets not only provide a more esthetically pleasing choice than plastic bins; they provide you with a structurally sound option meant to bear the weight of your toughest storage needs. Whether you need to organize home and office files or declutter a toy room, wicker baskets provide the ability to:

  • Hide your items in plain sight, specifically when using covered wicker baskets
  • Withstand weight, such as pots and pans for kitchen organization needs
  • Organize in style with beauty and appeal
  • Provide years of use and handling without the constant worry of cracking, warping, or discoloring as plastic does
  • Transport or grab and go easily with convenient cut-out handles rather than ill-fitting lids and clunky handles that easily break off

Organize with Wicker Baskets

While you're clearing clutter and organizing your space, why not do so in style? Wicker basket options are endless, allowing you to transform any space, from your kitchen countertops to mudrooms and bathrooms. Transform your pantry with baskets that provide the organization and ease you need. Switch between seasonal clothing with under bed storage options that remain out of sight. Or make your bathroom more appealing with functional wicker basket pieces that let you store the essentials you need in plain sight.

Whatever your needs may be, isn’t it time you add a bit of fun, appeal, and practicality to your space? Let’s toss out those dingy plastic bins and tubs and create a serene space you love. When the need to organize arises, we will help you find the best wicker basket options to organize in style. Visit us today to find the best storage and organization handcrafted wicker baskets you can’t live without.

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