Our Top Tips for Organizing with Shelf Baskets

Keeping your home and workspace free from clutter can be a challenge. If you struggle with a lack of space, we understand your frustration! The good news is, creating a system to meet your needs doesn't have to be a daunting task. In fact, by selecting suitable storage baskets, you can restore order while adding beauty to your space! We're sharing some of our favorite tips for utilizing shelf baskets to meet the needs of your cluttered areas.

Top Tips for Using Storage Baskets:

  1. Utilize shelf baskets to open more space.
  2. Store items less frequently used in plain sight.
  3. Group like items for easy access.

1. Utilize Shelf Baskets to Open Up More Space

When you're feeling overwhelmed by the lack of space in your home or office, it can impact your productivity and motivation. Loose items can clutter your space quickly, leaving you with a cramped home office, cooking area, or optional areas to display home décor. Instead, free up valuable counter and desktop space by utilizing shelf baskets to store and organize items.

We recommend shelf baskets for bulk office supplies, extra power cords, and chargers, or homework supplies for the kids. We love the convenient handle cut-outs of our shallow storage basket, as they offer easy carrying ability. This low wicker storage basket option nestles perfectly on shelves to free up space in your kitchen, bedroom, office, and more.

2. Store Items in Plain Sight

Do you have a favorite cozy blanket for chilly evenings on the couch? Or perhaps you have a mountain of paperwork you keep meaning to get to.  With the help of beautifully crafted open-top shelf baskets, you can store your items in plain sight and always within reach. 

Tall, narrow shelf baskets are ideal for any sized bookshelf, mantel, or ledge. The stunning weave of each rattan storage basket adds to the décor of your space while providing functional benefits. Your least used items can be conveniently tucked away, freeing up space you've been dreaming of.

3. Group Like Items for Easy Access

If you're on a mission to organize, aim to create a functional system that will last. There's no better place to implement this tip than in your pantry. With an array of shelf basket options to meet any pantry's needs, you'll have your space whipped into shape in no time.

Best Pantry Organizing Tips

We recommend starting with your canned and boxed goods. Shelf baskets are designed to withstand the weight of your canned items, so group your goods and assign them a spot with confidence.

Is your pantry full of small items strewn about?  Our Long Narrow Pole Handle Wicker Basket is the solution you need. Toss your power bars, lunch snacks, or sauce packets into these beautiful, high-quality storage baskets and slide them onto your selves with ease. Their sturdy handles and open design make it convenient to grab what you need quickly.

Storage baskets are perfect for your miscellaneous ingredients. Group your small seasoning bottles or packaged dry goods in a small shelf basket. Then, when it's time to prep your recipe, you'll have everything you need in one easy-to-transport wicker basket.

Free up space you've been dreaming of with the functional beauty of shelf baskets.

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