Are You Utilizing Storage Baskets in These Optimal Places?

Staying organized is a common goal for many of us, but it can certainly be a struggle. Do you ever glance around your space and wonder where all the clutter and chaos came from? Perhaps your biggest concern is finding room for everything in your tiny quarters.

Whatever your organization goals may be, utilizing storage baskets in optimal areas can be a game-changer! We’re sharing some of our favorite ways to use wicker baskets to organize and declutter while adding beauty to your spaces. Find out if you're making the most of your space.

Why Choose Wicker Baskets for Your Space?

Beautifully hand-woven rattan baskets offer an array of solutions for any home or workspace. They make wonderful additions to your décor while providing stress-free organization, additional storage options, and the extra space you’ve been longing for.

Incorporating storage baskets helps you group and assign a permanent home to your items, keeping your living spaces open, airy, and free of unnecessary clutter. In addition, their durability provides years of use, taking on the heaviest of stored loads. Whether you’re tucking wicker baskets behind cabinet doors or using lidded storage baskets to hide items in plain sight, there are plenty of options to meet all your organizational needs.

Create More Bathroom Space with Storage Baskets

Is there ever enough space in a bathroom for all your needs? From cluttered counters to untidy drawers, wicker baskets can help create serene space in even the tiniest bathroom.

Petit Pole Handle Storage Baskets are ideal for housing all your hair care needs. You can easily slide your basket under the sink or display it on the counter as part of your functional décor. Either way, all your hair necessities will be housed together in style and right at your fingertips.

If your bathroom supplies lack storage solutions, our Lidded Wicker Box is a must. The stunning design adds beauty while maximizing your bathroom space. Store extra boxes of tissue and rolls of toilet paper in this slender wicker basket. Place another on the counter to store extra soap, towels, and additional needs.

Why You Need Storage Baskets in Your Kitchen Cabinets

If you’re wondering why one would bother with wicker baskets tucked away in a kitchen cabinet, prepare to fall in love with these ideas! You'll be amazed at how quickly they bring order to your kitchen. 

Wouldn’t you love storing those heavy pots and pans neatly in one large wicker basket? Imagine the time you can save searching for lids that match your containers if you could slide out a basket full of your exact needs. In addition, staying organized with wicker storage baskets means more time spent cooking and baking your favorite recipes.

Our Wicker Kitchen Cabinet Baskets are perfect for grouping your kitchenware and accessories. Their convenient handle cut-ins make them easy to access, carry, and return to their designated place. The extra-deep design and full-pole frame construction were created to meet all your kitchen organization needs.  

How to Create Space with Underbed Storage Baskets

Even if you’re blessed with a spacious walk-in closet, we can all use more storage areas. Just think of the space you can open up in any bedroom closet by utilizing Underbed Wicker Storage Boxes. We love the lift-off lid design and extra-large sizing options these out of sight baskets provide for any bedroom.

Our Favorite Under Bed Storage Uses

  • off-season clothes and accessories
  • extra blankets, sheets, and pillows
  • special occasion shoes and handbags
  • toys, puzzles, and board games in the kids’ rooms
  • diapers, wipes, and burp cloths in the nursery
  • photos and memorabilia

How to Create Additional Living Room Storage with Wicker Baskets

The last thing you want is a cluttered living room. This space should be open and inviting without sacrificing the items you love to have close by. There's no need to feel cramped in your living room when there are wicker basket options that will add charm and hidden storage in plain sight.

Rather than tossing decorative pillows to the side or draping blankets from every inch of the couch, consider investing in a Deep Wicker Storage Trunk. These gorgeous conversation-starters can house all your entertaining or lounge on the couch needs.

We recommend using a few open storage wicker baskets to customize your storage trunk organization. Choose from various sizes and shapes to group small electronics, toys, and other odds and ends. Then, all your items will be secretly nestled in a gorgeous storage trunk when they aren't in use.

How to Utilize Shelf Baskets in Any Space

When in doubt, use a shelf basket. Take a moment to look around each area in your home or workspace. How many bookshelves, countertops, or empty wall spaces do you see? We’re willing to bet you aren’t utilizing these prime areas to declutter and organize.

Optimizing Your Office Space

We love to use shelf baskets in our workspace to create an inviting and efficient space. In addition, the ability to store office supplies, paperwork, and odds and ends allows us to stay organized and increase productivity.

Our go-to basket is a shallow storage basket expertly hand-woven with convenient handle cut-outs. You'll appreciate how easily you can grab a storage basket off the shelf, keeping everything tidy while you work.

Optimizing Your Craft Room with Wicker Baskets

If you’re longing to free up space in your crafting area, take a peek at our decorative pole-handled storage basket options. Organize and arrange your crafting supplies and projects to your desire, then tuck them away and out of sight. These tall, narrow beauties fit well in most bookshelves and cubbies, and the open-top design offers quick access to all your items.

Optimizing Your Pantry with Functional Baskets

Even our pantries need a bit of TLC. So, what better way to whip it into shape and make it more accessible than with wicker baskets? We suggest organizing your pantry into sections and then utilizing baskets to group like items.

If your pantry tends to fill up with canned goods, try a  Long Narrow Pole Handle Wicker Basket. This sturdy, sustainable option will support the weight and keep your shelves from disarray. You can also take advantage of the open-top design and store snacks and grab-and-go breakfast items in them for everyone's convenience.

Your goals of organization are always within reach with the endless options of wicker storage baskets. Leave the mismatched, plastic bins and baskets behind and upgrade your storage with handcrafted style.

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