Top 3 Reasons Wicker Baskets are Eco-Friendly

Spring is upon us, and for some, this sparks a time to reorganize and declutter your home and office space. As you ramp up your efforts to begin your spring cleaning, consider the beauty and functionality of eco-friendly baskets. You’ll add eye-catching appeal to your space with decorative wicker baskets that double as storage to meet all your needs. The best part is sustainable baskets will be there for you year after year when you’re ready for your next spring cleaning session! Here are our favorite three reasons wicker baskets are the perfect eco-friendly basket choice:

  1. They are made from sustainable materials.
  2. Wicker baskets are reusable.
  3. Our baskets are made by local artisans.

Sustainable Materials

Wicker baskets are made from rattan, a rapidly renewable natural material. Rattan requires minimal watering yet grows at a rapid pace. Rattan is typically pesticide-free because it is harvested from forests. Our rattan is harvested by locals, providing additional jobs to their communities.

Creating sustainable baskets with rattan also creates eco-friendly baskets that will degrade into dirt compost if and when the time comes to replace them. These sustainable baskets help reduce the waste in our landfills, making them the ideal choice for your organization and decorative needs. Even our wicker finish is made with care using water-based lacquer in place of stains that use toxic chemicals found in typical oil polishes.

A Reusable, Eco-Friendly Option

Choosing high-quality rattan wicker baskets to decorate, organize, and declutter your home is a wonderful way to help preserve Earth’s resources. Eco-friendly baskets are created from materials that can ensure durability and long life. You'll use them for years to come with minor wear and tear.

Have you ever received a gift basket made of wicker and wondered how you could make use of it? Perhaps it’s sitting in the closet, unused. Well, remove it from the shelf because the possibilities of repurposing an eco-friendly basket are endless! Wicker baskets are ideal to use as laundry baskets, office storage, and off-season clothing storage. Put an end to cheap plastic bins and invest in reusable beauty.

Handmade by Local Artisans

Our multipurpose baskets are expertly handwoven by local Indonesian artisans. Families lovingly craft each basket in villages that have carried on the tradition of this incredible crafting skill over generations. The handmade touch means each of our baskets will offer slight, unique variations that will add to its uniqueness.

Our Favorite Sustainable Baskets

Do you still need convincing that sustainable baskets are perfect for your space? No matter what room you need a little help in, there is a wicker basket that can meet your needs. We love using them as pantry organizers and displaying produce on the kitchen island. The Deep Pole Handle Baskets come in a variety of sizes and make offer easy grab-and-go convenience. We’re also fond of our lidded Wicker Storage Trunks that are perfect for many uses, including:

  • toy storage
  • office files and binders
  • extra pillows and blankets in a bedroom or living room
  • storage for off-season wardrobe accessories
  • crafting supplies

As you begin your spring cleaning this year, consider the beauty, functionality, and impact of choosing eco-friendly baskets.

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