The Basket Lady Antique Walnut Brown Corner Wicker Trash Basket with Metal Liner shown with lid open
Corner Wicker Trash Basket with Metal Liner in Antique Walnut Brown | The Basket Lady
Corner Wicker Trash Basket with Metal Liner in Antique Walnut Brown | Kitchen Waste & Recycling | The Basket Lady
Close-up of Corner Trash Basket in Antique Walnut Brown with lid open
Corner Trash Basket in Antique Walnut Brown in White Kitchen

Corner Wicker Trash Basket with Metal Liner


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Need a discreet waste disposal solution? Slide it right in to any open corner with this elegantly woven waste and recycling basket. Hand-woven from natural rattan over a sturdy frame, this trash basket’s fan shape is perfect for smaller kitchens where space is at a premium, yet it still fits a 13-gallon trash bag with ease.

  • Hinged lid
  • Removable metal liner
  • Nylon feet protect your flooring
  • Finished in Antique Walnut Brown
ONE SIZE 15"L x15"W x28"H
  • Waste and recycling baskets are handmade from natural materials; size may vary.
  • For more about how we measure, view our Measurement Guide.
  • Waste and recycling basket handcrafted by artisans in Indonesia
  • Made of natural rattan
  • Due to the custom nature of the basket, moderate inconsistencies may occur.
  • Actual color may be a slightly different shade from image displayed.


No space? No problem! With this sleek, space-saving wicker wastebasket, you’ll get the same amount of storage in the most compact way possible. This garbage bin basket features an unusually detailed styling and nice touches like a hinged lit. It is perfect for your home, or as a shower or housewarming gift for a friend, too. Fill up this trash can basket with household wares, and watch their faces light up!

Customer Reviews

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Just beautiful and so strong! Well made addition to my bedroom.

Looks great, but ...

I love the look, the size, and the wicker is perfect. It shipped quickly, and customer service was very responsive when there was an issue with FedEx. I don't understand how other buyers' bags are falling down, as I find that a 13 gal fits perfectly, with just enough to fold over the top of the interior metal liner. I took off one star bc the metal liner has rough/sharp edges that catch my bag and tear holes in it as I try to remove it when full. I would suggest a plastic liner instead. I would not, however, hesitate to buy from tbl in the future.
UPDATE: Admirable that you are avoiding toxic plastic. Perhaps smoother metal edges?

Thank you for taking the time to leave a product review. Our liners are made from metal, because our artisans can craft the liners themselves and we do not support petroleum-based plastic.


Just what I needed for small kitchen

Pro and Cons

This was bought for my kitchen and I have to be honest, I don't understand all the great reviews... There is one pro, it isn't an eyesore. It actually looks nice.

The cons: the bag constantly falls down like other reviewers have said. I'm using mini binder clips to hold it up. The bag is hard to get around the edge of the liner because if you lift the liner up to do so, it is hard to get the liner back in! Lastly, a typical trash can usually has a somewhat solid lid to it. Do you know what this helps with? Trash smell! The smell of your trash comes right through the top of this, and the big gap in between the lid and base. I have two sided taped charcoal filter inside the lid which also fills the gap. This helps immensely with the lack of smell blocking.

My issue is I paid $140 for a trash can that is hard to use and doesn't do a main function of a cheap can. 2 stars because it at least looks nice.

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We're sorry that you're not 100% happy with the basket. Since the basket is woven and not airtight, trash oder can escape. The trash bags are held in place by the fit between the basket and the metal liner, which should be somewhat tight.

Elana T.
Love it!

I wanted a corner trash can for my master bath and this is perfect!

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